She loved being in love 7/30

More Works By Gillie And Marc Painted bronze
13.8 × 5.9 × 10.2 in 35.05 × 14.99 × 25.91 cm
$2,600 USD

About She loved being in love 7/30

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Championing diversity and acceptance, the artistic duo Gillie and Marc create playful, memorable artwork. Love is a constant theme in their table top bronze hybrid sculptures. Known for their dog man and rabbit woman pieces, this is a male and female rabbit who facing one another in a kneeling position are locked in an embrace.
(Edition 12 of 30—painted in gold)

“We love having a message in our art.” Marc

The artistic couple enjoy a rare partnership as they are married and have worked together as artists for more than 25 years. Gillie and Marc are passionate environmental activists who have used their sculptures, paintings, and photographs to celebrate and save endangered animals. Every year, they donate thousands of dollars earned from their art sales to many international animal charities. Their work is exhibited and sold throughout the world.