They drank coffee all day and all night 52/100

More Works By Gillie And Marc Bronze 2023
10 × 10.5 × 4 in 25.4 × 26.67 × 10.16 cm
$1,600 USD

About They drank coffee all day and all night 52/100

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Reprising their popular hybrid sculptures, Gillie and Marc have created this whimsical table top piece cast in bronze. Designed to represent the spiritual connection humans share with animals, a rabbit woman is sitting across from a dogman at a little bistro table; the two-drinking coffee. The artists create their own moulds by hand for each piece in a further effort to support green activities and reduce their carbon footprint.
(Edition 52 of 100)

“We melt down old bronze sculptures and other copper products to breathe new life into them. By recycling, we are taking off any strain on the environment from over extracting while at the same time, reducing any waste.” Gillie and Marc
The artistic couple enjoy a rare partnership as they are married and have worked together as artists for more than 25 years. Gillie and Marc are passionate environmental activists who have used their sculptures, paintings, and photographs to celebrate and save endangered animals. Every year, they donate thousands of dollars earned from their art sales to many international animal charities. Their work is exhibited and sold throughout the world.