More Works By Heather Allen Hietala Mixed Media 2014
19 × 31 × 3 in 48.26 × 78.74 × 7.62 cm

About Conversing

For Heather Hietala, the vessel is a muse—a symbol of change, life’s journey and solitude. In this provocative mixed media piece, a ceramic canoe-shaped vessel glazed in brown; the interior containing a written message sits beside a composition on paper. The framed composition repeats images of the vessel and their shadows in shades of brown, highlighted by black markings and visible text.

“My imagination never stops wondering about the human predicament. What does taking one path mean, if another is left barren? How do we express ourselves when we feel caught between worlds, both familiar and unfamiliar? What compels us to grow, to leap? Mixed media artwork helps me explore and express these questions from a variety of angles.” Heather Allen Hietala

Her work has been shown in Canada, the US, France and Singapore, and is held in collections worldwide. She has also taught and lectured in the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Nepal.