Double Black No.1

More Works By Ivo Stoyanov Mixed Media 2021 68 × 48 in 172.72 × 121.92 cm $7,800

About Double Black No.1

In this arresting abstract composition by Ivo Stoyanov, two jet black angled rectangular blocks sit against a backdrop of gray, black and white. Stoyanov uses mixed media—crushed marble, pigments and cold wax to create a highly textured finish that is remarkably smooth to the touch.

“The working process focuses on applying layers of various colours and textures over incised and drawn marks, looking for both a spontaneous and informed image – that place where surprise and intention meet.” Ivo Stoyanov

He received a Masters degree in Mural Painting from the Fine Arts Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria (1990) and he has been commissioned to create major mural projects in the US, Bulgaria and Canada. His work is found in collections around the world.