Vivid Blue No 36

More Works By Ivo Stoyanov Mixed Media 2023
68 × 48 in 172.72 × 121.92 cm

About Vivid Blue No 36

Vivid, deep blue and abstract…this compelling acrylic and mixed media piece by Ivo Stoyanov illustrates his masterful use of expressive form, colour and texture. The Canadian artist is known for creating intensely dynamic paintings inspired by nature and re-interpreted in uniquely complex compositions. Stoyanov uses a combination of acrylic paints, marble dust, pigments and cold wax to add a rich visual texture and energy to his work. Art Critic Donald Bracket calls Stoyanov’s work, ‘landscapes of the mind.’ One of a series.

“The working process focuses on applying layers of various colours and textures over incised and drawn marks, looking for both a spontaneous and informed image – that place where surprise and intention meet.” Ivo Stoyanov

Ivo Stoyanov received a master’s degree in mural painting from the Fine Arts Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria (1990). He has been commissioned to create major mural projects in the US, Bulgaria and Canada. Stoyanov has been admired and collected in the US, Canada, Japan, the UK, China, the United Arab Emirates, Spain and Bulgaria.