Okay Bouquet No 5

More Works By Jahn Page Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 2023
38.5 × 36 in 97.79 × 91.44 cm

About Okay Bouquet No 5

Inspired by his experience delivering fresh flowers years ago, Jahn Page has created a whimsical, joyful series of contemporary paintings. Each bouquet appears to have its own ‘personality’ . This oil painting fills the canvas with cheerful daisies—the white and yellow pops against the bright blue background. Layered on top of the flowers, one of Page’s signature marks in bright white suggests a smiling face and immediately draws the viewer’s eye.

“This is my second attempt at making “The World’s Happiest Painting” - switching the elements around from Okay Bouquet No 4 and pushing the floral component to the background. I am genuinely trying to make one of the happiest paintings ever.”
Jahn Page

Born in Richmond, Virginia in 1981, Jahn studied BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University and BFA in Studio Arts from George Mason University (Incomplete degrees). He has exhibited in both the US and Canada. In 2023, he won the 2023 DeSerres Artist Prize in Toronto. Having worked as a successful commercial artist for years, Jahn’s portfolio includes sculpture, painting and graphic design. He has installed major works in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He opened Good Grief Studio in 2020.