Girl with Black Cat and Silver Moon

More Works By Jennifer Hornyak Oil On Canvas 2015
52 × 48 in 132.08 × 121.92 cm
56 × 52 in 142.24 × 132.08 cm

About Girl with Black Cat and Silver Moon

Jennifer Hornyak’s richly textured oil paintings are reminiscent in form and colour of the great Fauvist artists such as Matisse. This intriguing painting features a young woman holding a black cat in the centre, another male figure standing on the right. A dresser with a pot of flowers sits in the background, a bright moon hangs in a blue sky. The colour palette—turquoise blue, indigo, green, bright red, and orange contrasts with the artist's curated use of black.

“It’s never planned, and each colour has to speak to another colour. Each shape has to speak to another shape. I never get weary of it.” Jennifer Hornyak

She studied at the Grimsby School of Art in England. In 1961, she moved to Montreal where she attended McGill University, the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal and the Centre Saidye Bronfman. Hornyak has exhibited throughout North America and Europe including the Paris World Exhibition in 1987 where her work was shown alongside that of Modigliani, Picasso and van Dongen. Hornyak’s work is represented in many private and corporate collections.