Mobius Minor 1/50

More Works By Jeremy Guy Engineered Black Granite 2021
26 × 10.5 × 7.25 in 66.04 × 26.67 × 18.42 cm

About Mobius Minor 1/50

Smooth surfaced, black granite flecked almost imperceptibly with copper and white has been engineered into an elegant mobius strip by sculptor Jeremy Guy. This sculpture is number 1 in an edition of 50. Engineered black granite base dimensions are 2 x 7.25 x 7.25 inches

Discovered by the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius, a Möbius strip is a surface with only one side and only one boundary. An example of a Möbius strip can be created by taking a paper strip and giving it a half-twist, and then joining the ends of the strip to form a loop.