Zephyr 7ft 2/50 Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

More Works By Jeremy Guy Stainless Steel 2023
87 × 103 × 45 in 220.98 × 261.62 × 114.3 cm

About Zephyr 7ft 2/50 Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

Jeremy Guy's sculpture series are available in Mirror Polished Stainless Steel. This sculpture is numbered in an edition of 50 and can be purchased on commission basis, please allow 16-24 weeks before shipping. Please inquire for additional sizing and finishing options.

Elegant and imposing, this dramatic outdoor sculpture is by Jeremy Guy. The British born artist is known for his dynamic contemporary work often inspired by natural form. The flowing graceful curves of this piece are highlighted by the choice of material—stainless steel polished to a glossy mirrored sheen. Zephyr is named after the ancient Greek word for gentle breeze—‘Zephuros’—is also the name of the God of the West Wind. The bent form is reminiscent of the northern Canadian pines that often bow to the force of winds from the west. 

“My work conveys a sense of balance and peace as I strive to seek a seemingly impossible equilibrium between the simple elegance and dynamic complexity of the world in which we live." Jeremy Guy

He was born and raised in England where he completed a BA in Product Design from Leeds Metropolitan University. Since graduation in 2001 he has been a full-time sculptor. Guy emigrated to Canada in 2007. His stone sculptures can be found in public spaces and private collections around the world including Queen Ethelburga's College Sculpture Park, North Yorkshire, UK, Orchard Residences in Singapore, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baltimore and more.