Probability Deep Blue 3

More Works By John Paul Robinson Glass and Steel 2023
22 × 73 × 3 in 55.88 × 185.42 × 7.62 cm

About Probability Deep Blue 3

Hand-blown glass in a stunning deep ocean blue is formed into three elegant arcs to create this contemporary wall sculpture by John Paul Robinson. The Canadian artist’s ethereal work: these coloured and light-filled polished glass tubes highlight the dual nature of light as both a particle and a wave. In physics, the wave nature of light is referred to as a "probability wave. This series is an abstract representation of an experiment with light that was first run over 100 years ago.

“The Probability Deep Blue pieces represent the different waves, radio, gravitational, visible light, and infrared that fill the space around us…. After travelling for billions of years through the unimaginable distances of deep space these waves have managed to hit our little planet.” John Paul Robinson

Robinson was educated at the Georgian College of Arts and Technology and the Ontario College of Art where he later taught for several years His works are in corporate, private and public collections throughout North America.

Robinson is represented exclusively by Oeno Gallery.