Probability Deep Blue 4

More Works By John Paul Robinson Glass and Steel 2023
26 × 138 × 3 in 66.04 × 350.52 × 7.62 cm

About Probability Deep Blue 4

John Paul Robinson creates original contemporary wall sculptures from coloured glass that are filled with light. This piece features elegant arched deep blue tubes of glass that are polished to a smooth finish and overlap one another to create a dynamic composition. The Canadian artist often explores themes related to how the world works. This is one of a series intended to represent the dual nature of light as both a particle and a wave. In physics, the wave nature of light is referred to as a "probability wave".

“The thickness of the glass and curvature of the lens conspire to create their own optical effect. As your gaze moves across the piece it causes the small grains of coloured glass to shift just a bit. Starry Starry Night.” John Paul Robinson

He was educated at the Georgian College of Arts and Technology and the Ontario College of Art where he later taught for several years. His works are in corporate, private and public collections throughout North America.

Robinson is represented exclusively by Oeno Gallery.