Times 3

More Works By John Paul Robinson Blown Glass 2013
50 × 11 × 6 in 127 × 27.94 × 15.24 cm

About Times 3

Three blown glass orbs that contain assembled clock works, wheels, sprockets and coils, hang from fine chain in this unique wall sculpture.The elegant orbs in three sizes are defined by a deliberate, fine craquelure and hang at staggered lengths from o-rings and an antique hook. The shadows cast by the piece create a lace like effect on the wall.

Sculptor John Paul Robinson is well known for using glass and metal to build metaphorical symbols of time, space, earth, fire and water. Here the artist plays with the concept of time and old technology challenged by new ones based on the mathematics of quantum mechanics: "Quantum experiments suggest that it is the past that is determined by the present, not the other way around."

This contemplative work is a visual metaphor for this compelling discussion.