Sisters in the Garden Juan Ezcurdia

Acrylic on Canvas
40 × 48 inches
101.6 × 121.92 cm

Mexican artist, Juan Ezcurdia began his adult working life as a psychologist who painted as a hobby. After his imaginative work caught the eye of a book publisher, the self-taught painter began a successful career as an illustrator of children’s books. In the late 1990’s Ezcurdia moved to the mountain town of San Miguel de Allende renowned for its vibrant arts community and began painting full time. For more than 20 years, his joyful, colourful paintings of people and animals have captured the attention of the artworld and delighted collectors. ‘Sisters in the Garden’ is a serene painting that shows two women in identical royal blue dresses, smiling, sitting on a garden bench. “I am inspired by the simple, direct vision of children and admire the work of great artists such as Van Gogh and Chagall.” Juan Ezcurdia Ezcurdia has a studio in San Miguel where he lives and works. He has won several national awards for his work. His art is held in many private collections world-wide.

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