More Works By Lynne Fernie Ink and Latex on Paper 2013
27 × 39 in 68.58 × 99.06 cm
32 × 44 in 81.28 × 111.76 cm

About Ouroboros

Above a wide strip of black on a white ground floats a rough circle rendered in a single calligraphic brushstroke. A spray of black completes this simple but powerful composition depicting an ouroboros, an ancient symbol representing a serpent eating its own tail. Fernie is a masterful story-teller and here depicts in bold, modern simplicity the infinite cycle of creation and destruction, life and death.

Lynne Fernie is a Toronto artist, OCAD honours graduate and award-winning documentary filmmaker. She has been the recipient of arts and film grants from the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council, and has been a jury member of Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council juries. Her visual art is included in numerous private collections. In addition to her visual arts career, Lynne is also a songwriter. She worked with the Parachute Club and wrote the lyrics for their Canadian classic, “Rise Up”.