More Works By Mark Bartkiw C-Print on Dibond, Plexiglass 2019
36 × 36 in 91.44 × 91.44 cm

About Lune

A moonlit barn glows in this emotive c-print by Mark Bartkiw. Bartkiw is fascinated by the effect of slightly distorting reality to create a somewhat imaginary world. He uses a variety of techniques to create a collage of images in his artwork.

“This process of reinterpreting the world is something that I do to feel more at home in the world. But the new world we create puts us on the wrong side of the mirror, looking back at the reflection of our ever-shifting psyches.” Mark Bartkiw

He studied photography at Sheridan College. Bartkiw worked as a freelance photographer in advertising, portraiture and the fashion and music industries for a host of prestigious clients including Toronto Life, Paramount Pictures and Universal Music. His artwork is held in both private and public collections.

This C-print is sealed between dibond and plexiglass. This image is available in three sizes: 30 x 30 inches, $2,800 (Edition of 8); 36 x 36 inches, $3,200. (Edition of 5 with AP); 42 x 42 inches, $4,000. (Edition of 3 with AP). Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.