Speed Boat 2

More Works By Mark Bartkiw Chromogenic Print on panel 2018
12 × 12 in 30.48 × 30.48 cm

About Speed Boat 2

Photographer Mark Bartkiw often re-interprets the world in his compelling surreal work.

This is a photo of a red speed boat flying across the water. On second look, the viewer will see that an inverted landscape actually hovers above the line of clouds on the horizon. As an artist, Bartkiw is fascinated by the effect of slightly distorting reality to create a somewhat imaginary world. He uses a variety of techniques to create a collage of images in his artwork. Artist’s proof.

“This process of reinterpreting the world is something that I do to feel more at home in the world. But the new world we create puts us on the wrong side of the mirror, looking back at the reflection of our ever-shifting psyches.” Mark Bartkiw

He studied photography at Sheridan College. Bartkiw worked as a freelance photographer in advertising, portraiture and the fashion and music industries for a host of prestigious clients including Toronto Life, Paramount Pictures and Universal Music. His artwork is held in both private and public collections.