Public Phone Mike Salisbury

92 × 36 × 36 inches
233.68 × 91.44 × 91.44 cm

Over the last three years my phone box sculptures have used the "unanswerable phone" as an analogy for the dire subject matter of each sculpture including climate change (Out of Time), the opioid crisis (Crisis Phone 2020) the #BLM movement (Speak Your Truth). My latest sculpture in the series, "Contradiction" juxtaposes a living tree encased in the metal and glass of a full?size solar lit phonebooth. In days gone by Clark Kent would use these to change into his iconic alter ego before he launched into the sky to save the world. Today very few of these icons of mid-century architecture remain, the last few depreciating in melancholy decline. The transformation of these structures signifies the end of an era. In the closing scene of the Matrix, the protagonist makes one final payphone call: "I'm going to show you a world where anything is possible. Where we go from there… is a choice, I leave to you". Pictured here, a young birch tree has been planted in the base of the sculpture. The artist is available to consult on landscaping upon purchase, as the tree is not included with the work. The sculpture has lighting elements and can be powered by solar or wired directly to an electrical outlet.

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