7 Pieces for Arvo Part

More Works By Milly Ristvedt, RCA Acrylic on Canvas 2016
12 × 126 in 30.48 × 320.04 cm

About 7 Pieces for Arvo Part

Milly Ristvedt named this lyrical abstract piece for Avro Part, the famous Estonian composer of classical and religious music. On seven panels precise geometric shapes in pastel colours—blue, pink, white and bright yellow appear to waltz around the canvas. For more than four decades, Ristvedt has explored the power of colour and form in her work. She is considered a master colourist. Art Critic Barry Lord (Art in America) declared that “Ristvedt’s paintings were more insistent than Bush, more consciously structured than Molinari.”

“The thing about abstract art is that it is not divorced from life but arises out of it.” Milly Ristvedt

Born in British Columbia, Ristvedt studied at the Vancouver School of Art (now the Emily Carr University) and had her first solo exhibit at the Carmen Lamanna Gallery in Toronto. In the late 1960s, Ristvedt shared a studio with famed Canadian painter Jack Bush, met art critic Clement Greenberg and was inspired by American painters Jules Olitiski and Frank Stella. Her work has been included in many publications, She was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2004 and honoured with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012. She has won seven Canada Council awards and two Ontario Arts Council awards and had over 50 solo exhibitions and been part of countless group shows. Ristvedt's work can be found in major public collections throughout North America.
She is represented exclusively by the Oeno Gallery.
Each panel is 12 x 12 inches with 7 inch spacing. The installation is 126 inches in length.