More Works By Milly Ristvedt, RCA Acrylic on Panel 2015
79.5 × 147 in 201.93 × 373.38 cm

About Increments

A monumental work, comprised of 66 small square panels, each painted with a single orthogonal, are installed in a precise grid: six high and ten across. The orthogonals are painted in solid, specific colors with the area of each increasing incrementally, progressively influencing the next, from top down and left to right, across the work. "The multiple panel work, Increments, begins with the appearance of order and plays with the differences between change and progress, and order and chance. Internal forms follow two rules of change, from the upper left to the bottom right. In contrast to these rules of change, the 66 colours were randomly chosen, mostly consisting of mixes from earlier paintings. Incremental change sometimes appears as progress. Increments came about as a result of some less than optimistic musing on the task of effecting positive and meaningful (progressive) change." Milly Ristvedt, 2017 Increments is a poetic and intellectual narrative of space, light, and movement through the curated application of colour.