More Works By Milly Ristvedt, RCA Acrylic on Canvas 1988
54 × 48 in 137.16 × 121.92 cm
55.25 × 49.25 in 140.34 × 125.1 cm

About Pearl

A ballet of intersecting brushed swipes in indigo, verdant green, mauve and cerise emerges from a soaked peach ground in this classic 1988 painting by Milly Ristvedt. Colour and the grid are the focus of Ristvedt's paintings that through one's lens of experience reveal a narrative. "Painting is my freedom 'to be' in the world, to transform what I think and feel about life, to express the essence of things that matter. Colour is the magical sensation and substance, the 'philosopher's stone,' that for me represents hope in a time of great challenge for us all." Milly Ristvedt