Penelope Bleue

More Works By Paul Duval Paper mache and Wire 2021
9.5 × 4.5 × 5.25 in 24.13 × 11.43 × 13.34 cm

About Penelope Bleue

Quebecois sculptor Paul Duval has created a delightfully engaging series of table-top sculptures that portray a variety of characters. Penelope Bleu is seated on a chair, hair cropped short, one hand resting on her knee, wearing a royal blue dress. Each one of the paper mache and wire figurative pieces exude a different personality evident in their posture, gesture and colour.

“For several years I opted to work in bronze, the knowledge of which I acquired in Africa, but I now use pulp as it allows me the pleasure and latitude of creating and setting free my inspiration. The paper stock is applied in layers, so I can work on the evolution of several of my pieces simultaneously. An addition of coloured paper sometimes enhances the gray of my favourite material. This medium brings out attitudes, emotions, group relations or even wounds.” Paul Duval
He is a member of the Canadian Sculptors Society and of the Conseil de la sculpture du Québec. He studied Monumental Sculpture at Université de Rimouski, casting at Maison des métiers d’art, Québec, soldering at Cimic, Saint-Georges, Québec.
In addition to his full-time work as an artist, Duval is Technical Director, Symposium international de la sculpture, Beauce-Art, in Saint Georges De Beauce, Québec.
Duval’s sculptures including commissions are in private and public collections in Canada and France.