More Than Butterflies 1 of 2

More Works By Raymond Waters Mixed Media 2011
12 × 12 × 4.5 in 30.48 × 30.48 × 11.43 cm

About More Than Butterflies 1 of 2

The image of a butterfly-a symbol of rebirth, hope and faith for thousands of years is used to great effect in this intriguing composition by Raymond Waters. The Toronto born multimedia artist creates artwork that explores the relationship between objects and American culture. Waters is particularly interested in the meaning of the term ‘value’ and uses recycled and found objects to create his pieces. This piece, one of a series features shiny copper American pennies cleverly curated into the shape of a butterfly.

“The penny itself holds the memories/travels of its holder as it journeys from hand to hand, year-to year, decade to decade. On a societal level, the penny shows that no matter how small, every contribution counts and when joined together, the impact is great.” (excerpt from The Brain Project, Toronto)

Raymond Waters was born in Toronto in 1965. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Communication and Design, he participated in an OCA Painting Scholarship Summer Program in NYC in 1989. Waters was awarded a grant from the Ontario Arts Council in 2017. He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Canada and the U.S. and completed many corporate commissions including Coca-Cola’s Head Office in Toronto. His work can be found in both corporate and private collections around the world.