Maelstrom Series No 6

More Works By Shayne Dark Aluminum 2022
32 × 32 × 11 in 81.28 × 81.28 × 27.94 cm

About Maelstrom Series No 6

Beautiful chaos—The new sculptural series by Shayne Dark is named after the powerful image of a maelstrom—a whirlpool in a sea or river. Hand forged from round aluminum rods and painted a bright white; each rod appears to be woven into a circular wreath-like form. Dark’s unique abstract work is often inspired by the natural world. This series was borne out of the global tumult of the last two years and time spent in the solitude of his studio.

“I started to bend aluminium rods into circular shapes until I had hundreds of elements tossed in a pile in the corner of my studio. The large haphazard heap of material had this spontaneous energy and movement. Eventually, I started to envision vortexes and maelstroms.” Shayne Dark

He was the artist in residence at the Brooklyn botanic garden in 2016 following a successful residency at the Albright Knox and Buffalo botanical garden in 2015 and a feature article on his work in Sculpture magazine. At Art Basel, Dark was named one of the top ten artists to watch. His work can be found in numerous private, corporate, and public collections.