Storm Surge Orange

More Works By Shayne Dark Mixed Media on Panel 2019
21 × 16 × 4 in 53.34 × 40.64 × 10.16 cm

About Storm Surge Orange

Glossy thick swirls of deep orange mimic the churning waters of a storm surge in this evocative work by Shayne Dark. Poised between a sculpture and a painting, this abstract piece is highly textured—a quality that is enhanced by its singularly bold colour. The Kingston based artist is known for drawing inspiration from the natural world and expressing it in his own uniquely dynamic form and colour. One of a series.

“Experiencing the natural world will often give me a germ of an idea and then I run with it.” Shayne Dark

“The synthetic looking colours add a certain mystical resonance, but this quality never reaches the level of eco-kitsch. Instead, the natural and the unnatural remain in balance. Dark's work is rooted in a regional cultural experience, drawing on the environment where he lives.” John K. Grande, Author and Arts Writer

Shayne Dark was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2018 and has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. In 2017, Dark had a solo exhibition and an artist residency at New York’s Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The same year, he had a solo exhibition at the Albright Knox, NY. Dark has received six Ontario Arts Council grants and a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant. His work may be found in numerous private, corporate and public collections worldwide.