Blue Moon 2 2/3

More Works By Steven Heinemann Archival Digital Print Mounted on Aluminum 2020
60 × 60 in 152.4 × 152.4 cm

About Blue Moon 2 2/3

An imposing image of a deep blue sphere dominates the space in this large print by the celebrated Canadian artist Steven Heinemann. This high-quality print was created by Heinemann in a special process that involved shooting the original large clay tile on a grid system of 24 digital close-ups in RAW mode (unprocessed photos that are not compressed into JPEG format) followed by many hours of assembling multiple images into one final image. The result is a remarkable high-resolution print with superb colour range and depth.

Blue moons are a fascinating natural wonder; first observed in 1883, after an Indonesian volcano erupted sending dust into the atmosphere, changing both the colour of the moon and the setting sun for years. Blue moons are rare, appearing in the sky only every two or three years.

Steven Heinemann earned an MFA from Alfred University, NY, in 1983 and has taught in Canada and the US. He has exhibited continuously since his first solo exhibition at the Ontario Crafts Council in 1982. Heinemann's work is held in museums the world over. He has received many national and international awards including the Saidye Bronfman Award, Canada’s highest recognition of achievement in contemporary craft.