More Works By Sylvain Louis-Seize Acrylic and Charcoal on Panel 2012
36 × 48 in 91.44 × 121.92 cm
39 × 51 in 99.06 × 129.54 cm

About Messana

An intense Mediterranean blue sky above billowing cumulus clouds presses down on a rapidly moving river framed by a landscape of ochre, cypress green and grey in this 4 feet wide mixed media work on board. Louis-Seize uses tar, acid, acrylic paint to create a sparse, moody landscape on wood that he finishes with a layer of resin. The title of this work Messana refers to an ancient, strategically important city in Sicily. It was the location of the first battle between the Roman Republic and Carthage launching the First Punic War. This work is framed.

“My recent body of work explores three landscape themes; lush blues, stormy skies and the dark series. In these pieces, I am observing different relationships and facets of landscapes. In particular, their uniqueness at different times and periods which I feel are naturally enhanced by the condition and moment in which we view them. I am always looking to capture memories which are ephemeral but poignant.” Sylvain Louis-Seize

“Nobody has ever seen landscapes like the ones Louis-Seize paints. And that is because he paints only the Idea of Landscape. Which is both liberating and disconcerting.” Gary Michael Dault

Self-taught artist Sylvain Louis-Seize, originally from Montréal, lives and works in Calgary, Alberta. He has completed large scale commissioned work in Toronto and New York. His work is held in private and corporate collections in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Europe.