Retinal Swish

More Works By Sylvain Louis-Seize Acrylic on Canvas on Panel 2021
18 × 18 in 45.72 × 45.72 cm
23 × 23 in 58.42 × 58.42 cm

About Retinal Swish

Hot pink and bright orange in intriguing shapes swirl around the canvas of this new tondo (circular painting) by Canadian artist Sylvain Louis-Seize. True to his early street art origins, Louis-Seize uses bold colours and abstracted forms to create dramatic work infused with symbolism and emotion. Black shadows bordering this acrylic painting provide contrast.
“Art is subjective. It has to be. It loses its point and its authenticity if it isn’t. Perspective is very first person.” Sylvain Louis-Seize
Louis-Seize’s artworks including large scale commissions are held in private and corporate collections in the UK, the US, Canada, and Europe. A catalogue "Sylvain Louis-Seize, "Resolution" (2019) is available.