Bullet Hole Justin Bieber

More Works By Viktor Mitic Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas 2011
38 × 30 in 96.52 × 76.2 cm

About Bullet Hole Justin Bieber

This painting has an incredible provenance, once stolen from his exhibition at Toronto's International Film Festival in 2017, it was returned unharmed and is now available at Oeno Gallery. This kidnapping of the "Justin Bieber" painting made headlines before the perpetrator turned themselves in to the Chief of Police in an elaborate exchange with artists present to verify its authenticity.

Mitic's bullet hole paintings are a term coined by a friend and writer. It’s a connect-the-dots effect on a flat, painted surface done by firing a gun with live ammo onto an acrylic on canvas painting that sometimes has gold and silver leaf areas within it. Viktor Mitic aims to provoke a conversation about gun violence with his canvases with bullet holes. 

February 2024, Mitic was featured in the article 'The Art of Viktor Mitic' the Nanette's New Life Blog. Read the article

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Viktor Mitic is a Canadian artist who was born in Serbia. As a young man, he attended various art schools for classical training in Europe. After immigrating to Canada at age 20, he earned a BFA from the University of Toronto in 1995 and took additional studies in art history at Sheridan College. He has exhibited his post-Pop inspired paintings, prints and colourful abstract sculptures at the Muramatsu Gallery in Tokyo, The Armory Show in NYC, Art Chicago and Toronto. His work is held in corporate, private, and public collections.