Graffiti Study No 3

More Works By Viktor Mitic Spray Paint on Archival Paper 2021
27 × 19 in 68.58 × 48.26 cm
37.25 × 29.25 in 94.62 × 74.3 cm

About Graffiti Study No 3

Like the stripes on a beach umbrella, fun, fresh rainbow colours are layered in contrasting ‘waves’ in this delightful pop art painting by Serbian-born artist, Viktor Mitic. This is one in a series of seaside-themed paintings that share the same approach to colour and form as Mitic’s recent playful outdoor sculptures. The Graffiti Study collection is painted on archival paper which is highly durable and acid-free.

“Usually you see these colour field sets done in hard edges. I used graffiti spray paint to create a soft edge that would drop and crack and be uneven and fun.” Viktor Mitic

He earned a BFA from the University of Toronto in 1995 with studies in art history at Sheridan College. He has exhibited his post-Pop inspired paintings, prints and colourful abstract sculptures at the Muramatsu Gallery in Tokyo, The Armory Show in NYC, Art Chicago and Toronto. His work is held in corporate, private, and public collections.