High Sierra

More Works By Viktor Mitic Painted Stainless Steel 2018
35 × 11 × 10 in 88.9 × 27.94 × 25.4 cm

About High Sierra

Captivated by the colour, form, and pattern of paint splatterings on the floor of his Toronto studio, artist Viktor Mitic re-imagined them as playful abstract sculptures. High Sierra was created from photos and sketches he made of the paint marks manipulated on a computer. Mitic’s colour palette is often bold and bright--this steel table-top sculpture is painted in a glossy sapphire blue and pink—the shapes stacked on a jet black pedestal.

“I would go back and forth between paper and computer and at one point I would paint them in vibrant contrasting colors. I would look for something in color and in shapes that would make the whole structure dynamic and live.” Viktor Mitic

Serbian-born Viktor Mitic earned a BFA from the University of Toronto in 1995 with studies in art history at Sheridan College. He has exhibited his post-Pop inspired paintings, prints and colourful abstract sculptures at the Muramatsu Gallery in Tokyo, The Armory Show in NYC, Art Chicago and in Toronto. His work is held in corporate, private, and public collections.