Ocean No. 7

More Works By Viktor Mitic Oil On Canvas 2009 44 × 67 in 111.76 × 170.18 cm $4,500

About Ocean No. 7

Viktor Mitic's rain paintings are emotional landscapes that are realized en plein air, incorporating gentle showers, thunderstorms, and even hail. These elements create surprise encounters with the oil paint that Mitic then fluidly builds into his process. Gary Michael Dault observes that, "there is a strong suggestion of synaesthesia with sound and colour in these paintings, as if a visual music present in their composition lifts them to a multisensory expression." And this of course calls to mind the father of abstract painting, Wassiliy Kandinsky, who envisioned his painting as a medium through which to achieve the highest form of being. Mitic's rain paintings are likewise transcendent with their large scale, muted palette, and smooth structuring of coloured forms.