Self Portrait (Selfie)

More Works By Viktor Mitic Mixed Media on Canvas 2020
24 × 30 in 60.96 × 76.2 cm

About Self Portrait (Selfie)

Utilizing a pop-inspired aesthetic with bold colour blocks and a simplified portraiture design, Mitic riffs on the ubiquitous selfie culture, comical filters, and more deeply, surveillance culture. The character's eyes are comically enlarged and glance dramatically upward to another set of eyes that extend from his head and appear to be watching from above. Strategically executed bullet holes pierce the canvas creating a tension between creation and destruction and asking the viewer to confront ideas surrounding the normalization and glorification of violence in contemporary culture. In February 2024, Mitic was featured in the article 'The Art of Viktor Mitic' from Nanette's New Life Blog. Read the article

“Mitic, though he chooses not to identify as an activist, seeks to contribute to the sobering discussion of violence as integral in pop culture, and the absurdity of commodifying death and tools of destruction.” Laura Thipphawong, Artist, Writer and Historian

Viktor Mitic is a Canadian artist who was born in Serbia. As a young man, he attended various art schools for classical training in Europe. After immigrating to Canada at age 20, he earned a BFA from the University of Toronto in 1995 and took additional studies in art history at Sheridan College. He has exhibited his post-Pop inspired paintings, prints and colourful abstract sculptures at the Muramatsu Gallery in Tokyo, The Armory Show in NYC, Art Chicago and Toronto. His work is held in corporate, private, and public collections.