Deliverance 3/5

More Works By WW Hung Bronze 2014
66 × 24 × 24 in 167.64 × 60.96 × 60.96 cm

About Deliverance 3/5

The unique contemporary figurative sculptures of William Hung often express the human condition and are imbued with emotion. This striking piece, cast in a gleaming bronze depicts two male figures--one is nude and balanced upside down on the back of the other who kneels at a precipice. The precipice, constructed of stacked cinder blocks, increases the tension implied in this act of deliverance, of being set free.
This sculpture may be installed indoors or outdoors. It is number 3 in an edition of 5. Available on a commission basis. Allow 4-5 months of completion before shipping.

"When I sculpt, I am reminded of my own physicality… I, too, have a body composed of organic matter, malleable and ever-changing, bound by the laws of the physical world, and subject to aging and decay… There is an immediate empathy.” WW Hung

Hung studied architecture at the University of Waterloo where he earned a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Architecture in 1997. After graduation, Hung relocated to New York City and practiced architecture there and in Toronto for a number of years. In 2004, he became a member of the American Institute of Architects. He also began creating sculptural works in a unique combination of the figurative and the abstract. In 2015, Hung joined the Sculptors Society of Canada. Hung’s work is held in private collections in Canada, France and the US.