Contour Detour No. 4

More Works By Yvonne Lammerich Pigmented Plaster on Board 1982
60 × 47 in 152.4 × 119.38 cm

About Contour Detour No. 4

Yvonne Lammerich has used a dynamic pattern, bold colours and geometric form to create this visually stunning contemporary piece. The ‘building block ’-like shapes—lines, triangles, squares, and architectural arches are made from pigmented plaster that plays with our perception of interior and exterior space. Rendered in a striking colour palette of black, yellow, orange, white and sky blue, the pattern seems to ‘rotate’ around an open center. One of a series of four.

“Here pictorial space, line and colour are co-existing in the making of an identity.” Yvonne Lammerich

"Lammerich has always been interested in patterns, but patterns understood through the sieve of a colour-sensibility and syntax that conserves its freshness, its originality and its dynamism." James Campbell, Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Düsseldorf

Yvonne Lammerich was born in Germany in 1946. She emigrated with her family to Canada in 1959. Lammerich attended the Ontario College of Art and also received a master’s in art history from Concordia University in Quebec. She furthered her studies and acquired a Ph.D. from the Université du Québec à Montréal. While pursuing her own art, she also taught at York University, OCAD University, the University of Lethbridge, and Zayed University in Dubai. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and is held in numerous private and public collections.