Cross/Cultural Now#3

More Works By Yvonne Lammerich Acrylic on Canvas, Painted Wood 2022
72 × 77 × 6.5 in 182.88 × 195.58 × 16.51 cm

About Cross/Cultural Now#3

This wholly unique contemporary graphic painting and complimentary wall sculpture is by Yvonne Lammerich. The Canadian artist has acquired an international reputation for her inspired and thought-provoking modern artwork that often includes historical and architectural elements. Here, a series of shapes in a curated pattern are rendered in a bright colour palette of blues, gray, lime green, yellow, and melon against a bright white background. The visual narrative continues with two sculptural wood shapes painted in bright white that sit beside the painting and mirror its form.
One of a series.

“I see my work as defining my painting practice as a means of echoing our contemporary condition of life, while at times engaging historical references to bring the point home.” Yvonne Lammerich

Yvonne Lammerich was born in Germany in 1946. She emigrated with her family to Canada in 1959. Lammerich attended the Ontario College of Art and also received a master’s in art history from Concordia University in Quebec. She furthered her studies and acquired a Ph.D. from the Université du Québec à Montréal. While pursuing her own art, she also taught at York University, OCAD University, the University of Lethbridge, and Zayed University in Dubai. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and is held in numerous private and public collections.

The canvas size of the painting is 72 x 48 inches and with the two relief forms depicted in the photo the wall space is 72 x 77 inches.