QED Gravity #1

More Works By Yvonne Lammerich Acrylic on Canvas 1989
97 × 72 in 246.38 × 182.88 cm
98.75 × 73.75 in 250.83 × 187.33 cm

About QED Gravity #1

This intriguing colourful contemporary painting so impressively large in scale and architectural in form is by Canada’s Yvonne Lammerich. Recognized both nationally and internationally for her provocative abstract artwork, at first glance, this painting appears to be a brick wall. Rendered in a contrasting light and dark palette of blues, golden yellow and lilac every alternate brick is painted with metallic pigments that reflect light. This creates the illusion of movement from the viewer’s perspective.
The brickwork is arched at the top—a distinct historical, architectural reference and is broken open in the center to reveal a dark space with expressive forms and calligraphic-like details in bright orange and white. This is one of a series—two of which grace the permanent collection in the Musée du Québec.

"I think not only of colour but of the more encompassing idea of light. I think not only of paint but of its materiality as matter. I think not only of structure but of its origin in pattern." Yvonne Lammerich

"…while Lammerich's pursuit of pattern structuring and, specifically, use of repetitive patterns as a rhythmic device is superficially akin to the methodology of, say, Valerie Jaudon, the American abstract painter, unlike Jaudon she is not interested in embracing the decorative aspects of abstraction but in fabricating complex and illusory objects that simply do not stay still." James Campbell, Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Düsseldorf

Yvonne Lammerich was born in Germany in 1946. She emigrated with her family to Canada in 1959. Lammerich attended the Ontario College of Art and also received a master’s in art history from Concordia University in Quebec. She furthered her studies and acquired a Ph.D. from the Université du Québec à Montréal. While pursuing her own art, she also taught at York University, OCAD University, the University of Lethbridge, and Zayed University in Dubai. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and is held in numerous private and public collections.