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Cultural Excellence awards for the Outaouais Region of Québec-- Culturiades 2016

Artist Paula Murray was the recipient of the Artist of the Year award as well as the Work of the Year award for her installation, Connection x Connexion.

“My installation Connection x Connexion was a pivotal and important work for me to produce.  Creating a meditative ambiance in the gallery using suspended porcelain scrolls clearly touched many people. Artists find a way to do their work because they are compelled to express how we see the world, and we do it regardless of whether we get recognition or not. That said, receiving these awards is a tangible support to enable me to continue, for which I am very grateful.”- Paula Murray, “I am always delighted when the wall that often separates craft from art comes down.”

This was the first time that someone from the craft discipline won Work of the Year, also it was the first time that the same artist won both Artist of the Year and Work of the Year.  All artistic disciplines are considered for these awards- music theatre, dance, literature, visual arts.

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