Artist Ben Woolfitt was recently interviewed Michael K. Corbin for the online Contemporary Art Journal, Art Book Guy, where he discussed both his own artistic practice as well as the opening of his new museum, The Modern Toronto.  The Modern Toronto will focus on non-objective abstract painting and sculpture, and will be located at 68 Abell Street, directly behind 1153 Queen Street West in Toronto, ON. 

Of his new museum, Woolfitt states: 

"This is a museum dedicated to exhibiting mainly living non-objective artists. It will be a non-collecting museum with rotating exhibitions. [...] The purpose of this new museum is to exhibit work not commonly seen in Canadian museums, in particular in the Toronto area. The idea is not to duplicate the efforts of other venues, but rather to show work which is innovative and compelling. Balanced attention will be given to emerging artists as well as seasoned artists with established, international reputations. It’s dedicated to bringing great art to the neighbourhood and to Toronto at large."

Click here to read the full interview. You can read more about The Modern Toronto by visiting their website

Click here to view works available by Ben Woolfitt at Oeno Gallery. 

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