Canada 150 Sculpture Unveiling with Artists Julia Reimer and Tyler Rock

Firebrand Transect 2017 05 Large

Julia Reimer and Tyler Rock (creators of Firebrand Glass Studio) will unveil Transect, a permanent public art sculpture, on July 1st to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada in Edmonton, AB. The two artists were commissioned by The Places, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Government of Canada to create a monumental sculpture on Capital Boulevard.

Transect is a two-meter sphere made of hand-crafted blue glass tiles, activating the space around it through its interaction with natural light. The rhisomatic structure evolves with the time of day, the weather, and the seasons in the immediate vicinity, highlighting the ever-changing environment around the object. The sculpture depicts history not as a static point, but rather as a process. Transect emphasizes collaboration, connection, and community. The sculpture's pattern is also evocative of growth and functions as a visual reminder of the evolution of the space the sculpture inhabits. 

The Places will be hosting the Capital Boulevard Legacy Public Art Project – Canada 150 Launch Event at the Alberta Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre at 1:30pm on Canada Day, July 1, 2017. 

Location : Capital Boulevard Legacy Public Art Project – Canada 150 Maquette Exhibit Alberta Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre
9820 107 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5K 0G1


Firebrand Transect 2017 07 Large