Celebrating Canadian outdoor sculpture in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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M2M Veranda, an elite office building in Colombo, Sri Lanka, celebrates its grand opening with four rooftop sculptures acquired through Oeno Gallery. This special collaboration between Oeno and the owner of the new building Rashid Moosajee highlights not only the beauty and inspiration of art but also the story of immigration to Canada – like Mr. Moosajee the artists he selected are first generation Canadians, recent immigrants from Britain, France, Turkey and Serbia. Mr. Moosejee came from Sri Lanka to Canada where he created a successful international business.

The dynamic and inspirational outdoor artworks on exhibit at the M2M Veranda in Colombo are: Murmuration by Jeremy Guy; Athabasca by Philippe Pallfray; Terrestrial Break Free by Derya Ozparlak; and Purple Heart by Viktor Mitic.

Oeno Gallery is honoured to have been invited to be a part of this ground-breaking project in Sri Lanka.

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