Maud Lewis Paintings For Sale at Oeno Gallery

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Collect art by Canada's beloved maritime artist, Maud Lewis, available now at Oeno Gallery.

Renowned folk artist Maud Lewis (1903-1970) was known for her charming depictions of ordinary life and the landscapes of Digby, Nova Scotia. Maud Lewis paintings are bright and cheerful, with lively pops of primary colours, that often leave admirers smiling (these historical works have definitely brightened the spirits of visitors at the Gallery)!


If you were following the Cowley Abbott auction earlier this week, you will likely have heard that "Two Deer, Sunset" reached $66,000. In a virtual auction on May 14, 2022, Maud Lewis's "The Black Truck" sold for a record-breaking $350,000. Read The Article.


Visit Oeno Gallery at Huff Estates Winery to view these historically significant, eccentric Maud Lewis paintings firsthand! To see available paintings at the gallery or to inquire about pricing, please call 613-393-2216 or email


Oeno Gallery currently has 3 Maud Lewis paintings for sale at the Gallery:


Oxen Hauling Logs at Sandy Cove, Oil, 12 × 13.8 inches

Covered Bridge In Winter, Oil, 11.8 × 14 inches


Maple Syrup Gathering, Oil on Beaverboard, 12 × 16 inches


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