Entangled Form: Order in Entropy - New Exhibition Now Open

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Two Canadian artists working in two different mediums draw inspiration from their ongoing discovery of the natural world.

The exhibition Entangled Form: Order in Entropy features painting by Fiona Ackerman and sculpture by Shayne Dark.

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These two artists deploy formal vocabulary, such as colour, line, space, light, and mass to explore and make sense of complicated, interconnected relationships - entanglements - with their immediate environment. Ackerman borrows from historical botanical illustration and Dark from an industrial production: these deeply personal interpretations offer a thrilling lens through which to explore the world.

Fiona Ackerman explores botanical art from a contemporary abstract perspective. A formalist thread is embedded in her methodology, "they are about painting: colour and composition," Ackerman explains, "rather than scientific accuracy."They reflect on the human experience of time and transition.

Shayne Dark has been creating dynamic sculptures that masterfully combine organic abstraction with industrial materials for more than three decades. Dark is known for using elements found in nature such as branches, limbs, and roots. He arranges fabricated metal or wood into stacked, entangled, and organic assemblages. Dark then boldly asserts his artistic vision in glorious technicolour.

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From the perspective of different mediums and world experiences, Ackerman and Dark re-interpret the complexity of our natural environment. One uses the lens of formal painterly abstraction. The other uses high-chroma industrial fabrication. Entangled Form: Order in Entropy--an exhibition rich in colour, fresh vision, and sophisticated resolution.

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Entangled Form: Order in Entropy, an exhibition rich in colour, fresh vision, and sophisticated resolution, now on at Oeno Gallery in Prince Edward County until November 7th. Call us directly 613-393-2216 to book your gallery appointment today.