Heather Allen Hietala featured in the spring issue of New Ceramics | The International Ceramics Magazin

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For their spring issue, New Ceramics | The International Ceramics Magazin wrote a heartfelt article on Heather Allen Hietala and her work, discussing the symbolism of vessels in her practice.

Hietala's work uses vessels as a metaphor for the self and life's journey, evolving from architectural textile designs to spiritual representations symbolized by boats. This journey led her with clay and woodfiring, a process that mirrors life's unpredictability.

After a tragic house fire, inscribing words into clay became a way to preserve lost thoughts and advice, turning everyday moments into historical artifacts. Her process is spontaneous and intuitive, embracing imperfections in the clay as part of the narrative. Grouping the vessels post-firing, they symbolize choices and paths in life, inviting viewers to reflect on their own journeys. Inspired by personal experiences and family, the artist's meditation vessels capture light and provide comfort, symbolizing the essence of the soul. Through her work, the artist explores relationships, motion, balance, and stillness, creating art that serves as an anchor amidst the chaos of modern life.

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Heather Allen Hietala‚Äôs work has been shown in numerous venues in the US, France and Singapore, and is held in diverse collections. She has taught and lectured in the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Nepal.  

You can find a selection of her available ceramic vessels at the gallery. 

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