Inside The Studio with Abstract Artist Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen Studio

Adam Cohen's Studio...

is a beautiful paint storm. Lively textures of thick paint cover every surface. Cohen's vivid abstract work is energetic, immersive and inspiring. Cohen is well-known for his expressive, gestural abstract paintings and many are curious about Cohen's creative process. Discover behind-the-scenes photos of Adam Cohen's artist studio.  


Cohen uses thickened pigments to achieve incredible depth in his acrylic paintings. He studied at Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art and lived and painted in Rome for a year. After many successful years as an illustrator, he returned to his first love—painting. Adam Cohen lives and paints in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Cohen has exhibited extensively in the US, Europe, Asia and most recently in Canada, Amsterdam and Venice.

“His fields of colour and texture have the breadth and openness of the sky or aerial views from the earth’s surface.” —Carter Ratcliff, art critic

Adam Cohen attended Oeno Gallery's 20th Anniversary Celebration in July 2023 and answered a few questions from our team! Watch the artist interview below. 


Thanks to Adam for sharing his studio photos with us!

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