New sculpture by Philippe Pallafray at the Wellington Heritage Museum

PP HeritageMuseumsculpture2018

Commissioned by Friends of the Wellington Heritage Museum, Philippe Pallfray has completed a poetic, outdoor sculpture that is now available to be seen in the museum’s garden.

Titled Silent Expectation, the black and polished steel sculpture evokes the “simplicity and moderation” of the museum building’s Quaker history. At the same time, the modernist lines of the sculpture contrast elegantly with the 19th century architecture.

The sculpture is designed with jagged polished cracks in the steel that glint in the sunlight. The artist ascribed meaning to reflected light by quoting Leonard Cohen: “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” 

The garden was designed by landscape architect Ben O’Brien and will be officially opened later in the summer, 2018.

Visit the garden and enjoy Pallafray’s sculpture at the Wellington Heritage Museum, 290 Main St. Wellington, ON

The artist's work -- outdoor and indoor -- is also available in the Oeno Gallery Sculpture Garden.


Above: Philippe Pallafray, "Silent Expectation", 2018