Nicholas Crombach exhibits in London, UK

NC OldBitch2of6

Canadian sculptor Nicholas Crombach opens The End of the Chase, a dynamic exhibition of his new work at New Art Projects in London, UK, on May 3, 2018. The provocative exhibition that runs until June 30th explores the visual culture of the British hunt and the complex relationship between animals and humans. The show features Fetch (134 cm x 40 cm x 206 cm, 2018), a mixed media sculpture in which two dogs attack a florescent yellow buck. The sculpture is exhibited with an assortment of dog chew toys, some cast in porcelain and marked with aristocratic hunting motifs.

The End of the Chase is sponsored by the Toronto Arts Council and the City of Toronto. For more information:

Oeno Gallery has several works by this inventive artist available for purchase.


Image at top available at Oeno Gallery: Nicholas Crombach, Old Bitch 2/6, 2015, bronze, 8 x 14 x 4 inches

Image below: Nicholas Crombach, Fetch, 2018, polyurethane resin, polyurethane foam, tennis ball felt, nylon rope, nylon webbing, paint, 53 x 16 x 81 inches

NChrombach Fetch 2018