Oeno Gallery celebrates International Sculpture Day

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Oeno Gallery joins the global sculpture community in celebrating International Sculpture Day on April 28, 2018. Visit the gallery to enjoy indoor and outdoor sculptures in a variety of media. Quebec based sculptor Philippe Pallafray uses polished stainless steel in his provocative work Step. The title of Jeremy Guy’s elegant, engineered black granite Zephyr means gentle breeze. It is derived from the ancient Greek zephuros, the name for the God of the West Wind. This work is editioned and available as an indoor or large outdoor work.

Other sculptors whose work is available at Oeno Gallery include Floyd Elzinga, Dale Dunning, Shayne Dark, Edward Falkenberg, Nicholas Crombach, Sophie DeFrancesca, Steven Heinemann, Chung-Im Kim, Sylvain Louis-Seize, W.W. Hung, Ken Hall, Marlene Hilton-Moore, Loren Kaplan, Tanya Lyons, Susan Low-Beer, Colm MacCool, Terence McGlade, Rod Mireau, Zeke Moores, Paula Murray, Anne O’Callaghan, Charles Pachter, Mac Plamondon, George Price, Susan Rankin, Julia Reimer, Doug Robinson, John Paul Robinson, Abraham Anghhik Ruben, Gord Smith, P. Roch Smith, Don Stinson, Richard Tosczak, Susan Valyi, Catherine Vamvakas Lay, Alice Vander Vennen, Mariel Waddell, Cheryl Wilson Smith, Roger Wood, Heather Allan Hietala, Iain Baxter &, Wojtek Biczysko, Ania Biczysko, Mark Birksted, Lynn Chadwick, Victor Cicansky, Neil Clifford, Susan Collett, Brad Copping, Tim Forbes, John Fox, Don Frost.

Above: Philippe Pallafray, Step, 2017, stainless steel, aluminum, found object, 12 x 6 x 12 inches

Below: Jeremy Guy, Zephyr, engineered granite, 27.5 x 36 x 12 inches

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