Oeno Gallery Goes Virtual for Art Toronto

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Oeno Gallery is pleased to be presenting a digital booth at Art Toronto this year, now viewable online until November 7th.

Enjoy a VR tour of exceptional contemporary and historical fine art. Enjoy the exhibition at ArtTO Booth 81 virtually this year at your leisure.


Adam Cohen - Andrew Lui - Aron Hill - Burton Kramer - Carole Feuerman - Charles Pachter - Claude Millette - Dale Dunning - Daniel Hughes - Edward Falkenberg - Fiona Ackerman - Floyd Elzinga - Franco Defrancesca - Gráinne Mchugh - Heidi Conrod - Jennifer Hornyak - Kenneth Emig - Lucy Maki - Maud Lewis - Nicholas Crombach - Paul Fournier - Paula Murray - Peter Hoffer - Shayne Dark - Sophie DeFrancesca - Steven Heinemann - Susan Collett - Sylvain Louis-Seize - Tim Forbes

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This year, Art Toronto returns with 60+ galleries focusing on contemporary art from across Canada, with notable historic works and international galleries, creating a context for the art of our time.

Oeno Gallery is participating online this year on the VR art fair platform powered by Artland. The fair’s Platform series of panel discussions will also take place exclusively online this year, so you can enjoy them at your leisure.

Visit us online now on Artland to enjoy the full VR experience

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