Painter Shireen Kamran Featured in New Article in Karachi, Pakistan

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The largest English language newspaper in Pakistan, The International News, has featured the artwork of painter Shireen Kamran in a new editorial.

In the article, A Silent Devotion, art critic Aasim Akhtar describes the impact of the artist’s work: “There is no way to remain unmoved in the company of Kamran’s paintings; they present a complex structure of feeling and planetary belonging within the dark vulnerability of our present.”

Describing her recent practice: “Across her painterly work, especially in the past decade, rhythm construction becomes strongly manifest as Kamran’s strokes begin to appear as score lines for a song composition – with secret scripts that appear to settle upon azure patches and golden yellow ripe meadows. These are Kandinsky like, where colour flows resonate as visual chords and elicit synesthetic encounters.”

Shireen Kamran creates lyrical and dramatic works reflecting restless mobility, a sensitivity to cultural displacement, and a memory of people and places. Her abstract layered forms may bring to mind silhouetted architecture, minarets and towers. Kamran's titles point at shared layers and lineages of human experience. Kamran received a BSc. degree from the University of Peshawer and a BFA from Concordia University, Montreal.

The work of Shireen Kamran is featured in our upcoming exhibition, Negotiating Diaspora: From the Personal to the Universal. Opening this Friday, March 5th at Oeno Gallery, this exhibition features stunning new artwork from 10 Canadian artists exploring migration, spirituality, socio-politics, and landscape through painting, sculpture and photography.

Featured artwork: Saudade No 21, Pigments and Acrylic on Canvas, 42 × 84 inches, 106.68 × 213.36 cm

Read more about Kamran's recent works in Karachi in the full article here

See more work by Shireen Kamran at Oeno Gallery

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