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Working with clay, fabric and paper, sculptor Heather Allen Hietala evokes the idea of journey through time.

The artist, her work and impact are detailed in an article, Sculptor Leaves The Direction Of Her Nautical Vessels To Chance by Kay West in Carolina Home & Garden.

New work by Heather Allen Hietala is currently featured at Oeno Gallery. The artist's clay pieces are hand built, carved, inscribed and glazed. The ‘boat and paddle’ are metaphors for change and the words inscribed within the vessels represent memories, collective and personal.

meditation vessel no 3 mint 1Meditation Vessel No 3 Mint by Heather Allen Hietala, 2021, Ceramic and Glass, 2 × 8 × 2 inches

Metaphor and symbol in her mixed media work offer a narrative of journey and change. Sculptor Heather Allen Hietala creates uniquely beautiful pieces inspired by her love of nature and life’s journey. The series of canoe-shaped clay vessels in natural tones of red, gray and brown are designed to be held. 

Investigating her studio practice and how she developed the techniques she uses, the artist shares in the article:

“So many things in life get broken,” she muses, “and we have all been through something. Ideally, we go through a metamorphosis and become beautiful again: maybe more beautiful because of the cracks.”

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Allen Hietala holds an MFA from the University of Massachusetts (1993) and a BFA from the University of New Hampshire (1989). Allen Hietala’s work has been shown in numerous venues in the US, France and Singapore, and is held in diverse collections. She has taught and lectured in the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Nepal.

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